Have a glorious garden can be one of the most satisfying things in life, but if your family wants to enjoy your garden too, you will need to create facilities to cater for that. In many cases, the best way to do this is a family barbecue spot right in the middle of the garden.

I receive many questions about what is the best type of barbecue to enjoy maintenance is low, appearance is great and the food is cooked to perfection. More often than not my answer is to search out the best propane smoker. A barbecue like this would make a perfect addition to the garden because it does not take up an incredible amount of space. It also cooks food to perfection with a slow method of roasting the meat via smoke. A propane style of smoker reduces the mess that often comes with a smoker that is powered via traditional fire.

In terms of space, this style of barbecue takes up 30% less space than a traditional barbecue as well as halving your cleaning time and maintenance required in comparison to a normal barbecue.

Styling a barbecue into a garden, is sometimes a difficult proposition, but here are some tips that can help.

  • Make sure the kitchen is close by – This is important whilst cooking that the kitchen is easy to access so that you have all cooking materials on hand and that if something needs attention you can quickly run inside and grab something.
  • Make sure the flooring can sustain the impact – This not only counts for under the barbecue, but for all the movement around it. Try to put the set up on a pavement flooring that will be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Safety first – Position the barbecue so that it’s a safe distance from anything flammable as well as away from the house so that if anything does go wrong, you have the time to fix it.
  • Gone with the wind – It’s important to consider which way the wind normally blows. You do not want embers blowing in the direction of your house or anything else that could be flammable.
  • Make it strong – Try to build to last the test of time and the impact of weather. The rain especially can be very damaging to you barbecue and surrounding area to make sure that there is protection set up around the surface.

There you have it, the ultimate way to integrate you barbecue into your backyard. Please let me know what tips you may have in the comments below.