You’ve just bought a new home and you’re the lucky new owner of a massive landscape to take care of and a massive task in front of you. However, do not stress, I’m here to help with a list of useful tips to handle this yard. Whether you have a basic push mower or the best zero turn mower, mowing a large area of lawn can be time consuming and tiring.

Less Mowing Space Can Be A Good Thing

One of the initial places to start is to create an the minimum area needed for mowing. This can be achieved by some strategic planning. Firstly try to create a border around your flower garden to separate the grass from the garden. Then you can plant trees that will create a shady area for sitting under and reading your favorite book. You could also create a family area that has the space for a barbecue and recreation activities.

A reader also suggested adding a vegetable garden which is not only pleasing to the eye, but delivers plentiful amounts of fruit and vegetables for the family.

Find The Right Mowing Equipment

The right mower is just as important and have the right attachments for your mower. Mower attachments are important as they can add many benefits to the mowing experience. For example, finding an efficient grass catcher can mean you can use the left over grass to use as food for the garden. This compost can really help the garden grow.

Other pieces of equipment that are really good for the mower are a snow thrower and mulching kits. These can help for the seasonal changes.

Maintain The Equipment

Mowing equipment works very hard to keep your lawn looking good. But it needs to be maintained to as it wears very quickly if left unchecked. The first step is to make sure that the mower is cleaned after each mowing session. Some zero turn mowers include a hose connector for attaching a hose to the cutting deck and cleaning the inside of the mower.

Make sure you also store the mower in a dust free and low moisture area. This will prevent rust and other deterioration from the elements.

Last Tips

To conclude, let’s review some simple tips to make the mowing experience a little easier. Firstly try to mow in straight lines and not repeat the same area of grass twice. This will mean that the grass is a consistent length as well as prevent damage to the blades of grass. Furthermore, straight lines always looks really good on a finished lawn. Using a zero turn mower can be of great benefit here as it will make the turns between lines very quick.

What tips do you have for mowing a large garden? Let us know in the comments below.