After many year frolicking the garden, it’s safe to say that I’m one serious plant geek. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of almost any household plant across the US, then I’m your guy. There is nothing I haven’t seen before over my many years of gardening.

Over the years I have also been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best and brightest gardeners from all around the world. They have passed on as much knowledge as I could get out of them and via this platform, I hope to share as much as I can too. This has lead to appearances on national and local TV stations as well as hosting some garden festivals across the United States.

Whether you are about to undertake your first ever garden experience or have had a green finger for most of your life, this is the place to take homage and exchange ideas with your peers. My goal is to create an open platform for all gardens young and old.

In terms of my favorite past time is also travelling, I much enjoy trips away to Europe as well as the sneaky holiday to South America. You will find some amazing greenery in the South of the Amercias. Travelling extensively through Costa Rica opened my eyes to just how brilliant the nature can be. Please stay for a while (and subscribe to the blog) to enjoy further insight into the garden.