“This is a testimony from the Ramsey Horticultural Society to Plant Geek to say that we are so appreciative of everything you have done to enjoy that a great deal of wisdom and insight shared with us. The presentation shown at our annual gathering was by far the best of the year and our members all agreed that we would love to have you back again.”

  • Lianne Webbs (Garden Club committee member)

“By far the most interest Garden Club speaker we have had and enjoyed hearing the great feedback from our members after the event.”

  • Chuck (Westhorpe Garden Club)

It is always a pleasure to interact with the Plant Geek. There is a immense amount of knowledge in this trove of hints and tips. He presented on our show and transmitted a clear and informative message to our viewers. He answered many questions from viewers coming in great spirits. Furthermore, off camera, he is a great rapport with the crew carrying and friendly and easy going attitude.

  • Frankie Stuart, QVC Shopping TV Presenter