Finding time to relax in our busy lives is not an easy task, so when we do have time, it would great to have an area in our gardens where we can simply relax and enjoy. Today we can look at some handy ways to have a great recliner or a simple garden bed in the backyard. This is our list of great ideas for garden furniture.

Reclining In The Garden

Making a DIY recliner chair in your garden can be quite easy in fact. If you are able to get your hands on some old crates mixed with some cement slabs you can make a super trendy chair for the garden. Then add some spray paint to cover up the industrial style of the parts. Combine this with some nice cheap  cushions, a blanket and a thin mattress and you have yourself a soft recliner to relax on in the sunny afternoons.

Lights in Tree Stumps

A great idea we found was to cut out groves of some tree stumps and fill the grooves with fairy lights. These make for a magical mood in the backyard as well as doubling down as seats too.  If you head down to your local hardware and timber store, be sure to look out for pre-cut stumps at around 30 inches in height. Also pick up some fairy lights and a small axe for the cutting.

Make Your Own Path

Like in life, you can make and walk your own path in the garden with some basic steps to follow here. Try to find some old crates where you can access the wooden panels from and then ply them off the crate. Apply some varnish to each panel and once dry they are ready to lay down. You can create a path by laying them into the soil and ensuring that they are totally covered except for the top side. The best finish is when they are a little off center, remember, you don’t have to be perfect with this implementation, it’s meant to give off a rustic look.

Hanging Recliner

The classic recliner is to find two trees that are around 10-12 feet apart and hang a hammock between the two. Try to find a hammock with strong supports to ensure that it can last outside with the elements and not wear down to breaking point after a few years. I own a hammock which is now over 12 years old and still going strong. It is made from high quality rope which means it can sustain rain, hail or shine for very long periods.